Our last dance of the season has been canceled. Our next dance will be in September. Expect to see some significant changes for next our next dance season. We will post those changes here and email them when they are finalized. We will also email the survey results when they are all compiled.

We recently changed our membership requirements. Guests no longer must join after two dances, but there are still advantages to becoming a member, such as the ability to vote for club changes and a discount at each dance. Our cover charges for each dance also changed: $15 per person for dance club members, $25 for guests, $10 for students, and $15 for guests living at least one hundred miles from Billings.

Big Sky State Games holds their ballroom dance competition on Saturday, April 12, 2014. Register by April 1st.

For places to dance, see dancing in Billings sponsored by the Billings Dance Council or regular local dance opportunities.

Dance Information

Club Dance Dates for 2013-2014 Season

Dance Details

We dance from 7:30-11:30 PM at the Elks Lodge Ballroom, 934 Lewis Ave., Billings, MT. Music is provided by The Highlites of Bozeman.

Music and Dancing Styles

While we ask the band to play Ballroom and Latin music, you are always welcome to dance in any manner that suits you as long as it is with respect to your fellow dancers. The band normally plays one or two requests at the end of each set, so they may occasionally play other types of music such as Country and Polka.

Club Details


The Yellowstone Ballroom Dance Club is a formal dance club; casual attire is not appropriate. Dress definitions are as follows:

  • Formal: Tuxedo and formal attire for men; formal attire for women. Men may remove their jackets after the first set.
  • Semi-Formal: Dark suit or sports coat, tie and dress shirt for men; dressy attire for women.
  • Guest attire: Dark suit or sports coat, tie and dress shirt for men; dressy attire for women.

Club Dues

Since we must pay for the great live band and the romantic ballroom, we must charge dance fees. This year's membership dues are $35 per person. Membership is optional, but with it you get a reduced per-dance rate as well as voting rights. In addition to the yearly membership fee, the cover charge for each dance is $15 for members, while guests should expect to pay $25 per dance. Students with a current student ID pay $10 per dance. Guests living at least one hundred miles from Billings pay $15 per dance with no membership required.

Club Organization

We are organized as a non-profit corporation. We are always eager for new ideas on how to improve our dances, so please send us your thoughts.

Officers: President - Patricia; Vice-President - Roxanne; Secretary/Treasurer - Andrew

Board Members: Jim, Lawrence, Lyle, Ruth, and Von

Program Committee: Patricia, Satit, Valerie, and Beverly


If you would like to give a demonstration dance, please contact one of the program committee members. Any style of dance is welcome.